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NOTE:Immunovia has ceased commercialization of the IMMray PanCan-d test. More information available here:

Proteomic data derived from Immunovia’s IMMray™-platform allows differential diagnosis of difficult to distinguish autoimmune diseases

January 7, 2021

LUND, SWEDEN – Immunovia AB, (“Immunovia”) a diagnostic company that develops highly accurate blood tests for the early detection of cancer and autoimmune diseases, today announced results from a study in their development pipeline, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Proteome Research.  These are the first proteomic data allowing a differential analysis of four different inflammatory rheumatic diseases (IRDs).

Early and correct diagnosis of inflammatory rheumatic diseases is presently a clinical challenge due to the variety of symptoms. The aim of the study was to achieve protein expression profiles distinguishing four systemic IRDs, that if left untreated, can lead to severe and sometimes permanent disability, increased morbidity, and premature mortality. A total of 316 serum samples collected from patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), ANCA associated systemic vasculitis (SV), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Sjögren’s Syndrome (SS), and healthy controls were analysed, using Immunovia’s recombinant antibody microarray (IMMray™). Differential protein expression profiling was examined using Wilcoxon signed rank test and condensed biomarker panels could be identified reflecting each disease, using advanced bioinformatics and state-of-the art classification algorithms.

Lead author, Mattias Ohlsson, Professor Computational Biology and Biological Physics at Lund University comments: “In this study we were able to classify the included individual IRDs with high accuracy, as demonstrated by ROC Area Under the Curve (ROC AUC) values ranging between 0.96 and 0.80. The groups of IRDs could be separated from healthy controls at a ROC AUC value of 0.94. We believe this supports the rationale of using IMMray™ to reflect the biological complexity of autoimmune diseases.”

Patrik Dahlen, CEO, Immunovia added: Autoimmune diseases today pose a global health issue, affecting millions of people around the globe and there is an urgent need for refined clinical tools for early and differential diagnosis. These results suggest that the use of a multiplexed approach such as IMMray is highly suitable for decoding multifactorial diseases like autoimmune diseases. Early diagnosis in turn will help to prevent severe organ and tissue related damages. We will incorporate these signatures and further evaluate them in our discovery program for autoimmune diseases.”

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Patrik Dahlen, CEO, Immunovia
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About Immunovia
Immunovia AB is a diagnostic company that is developing and commercializing highly accurate blood tests for the early detection of cancer and autoimmune diseases based on Immunovia’s proprietary test platform called IMMray™. Tests are based on antibody biomarker microarray analysis using advanced machine-learning and bioinformatics to single-out a set of relevant biomarkers that indicate a certain disease. Thus, forming a unique “disease biomarker signature”.

The company was founded in 2007, based on cancer studies and ground-breaking research in the Department of Immuntechnology at Lund University and CREATE Health Cancer Center, Sweden.

The first product, IMMray™ PanCan-d, is undergoing clinical evaluation in some of the world’s largest clinical studies for pancreatic cancer, PanFAM-1, PanSYM-1 and PanDIA-1 and is currently in the final validation phase. The company aims for a sales start at the end of Q1 2021 with subsequent commercial testing in Q2.

When validated, IMMray™ PanCan-d will be the first blood-based test for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer on the market, with a potential to significantly improve patient survival and outcome.

Immunovia Dx Laboratories located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA and Lund, Sweden will provide laboratory testing services in two accredited reference laboratories.

Immunovia’s shares (IMMNOV) are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit


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